General Knowledge-1

>> Friday, February 15, 2008

1)First Chinese pilgrim to visit India - FATHIEN(401-410)
2)First American president to visit India - DWIGHT DAVID(1950)
3)First British Prime Minister - HAROLD MACMILLAN
4)First Foreign invader of India - ALEXANDER THE GREATE,326BC
5)First Muslim woman to sit on the thron of Delhi - RAZIA SULTHANA
6)First European to visit India - VASCO DA GAMA(1498)
7)First viceroy of India - LORD CANNING
8)First British Governor General of Independent India - LORD MOUNTBATTEN
9)First Indian Governor General of India - C.RAJAGOPALACHARI
10)First Chief of Air staff - AIR MARSHALL SIR THOMAS ELMHIRST


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